Creating Harmonious Homes for Hounds and Humans!

Teach. Treat. Train. Repeat.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
–Orhan Pamuk

Teach. Treat. Train. Repeat.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
–Orhan Pamuk

Online and In-Person Dog Training*

Kristina has earned a stellar reputation, not only because she’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer but because of her intuitive ability to connect deeply with animals and people.

She loves working with both puppies and older dogs who need behavior modification.

*In-person dog training in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria.  Online training available worldwide.

Does your dog:

  • jump on people?
  • yank your arm when you’re walking?
  • lunge and/or bark at other dogs or people when you’re out and about?
  • ignore you when you call?
  • chew on human toys and things?
  • dash away with something thinking it’s all just a big game?
  • have too many indoor potty accidents?
  • counter surf for food?

Or maybe, your new best friend is a rescue dog who:

  • cowers.
  • tremble or shakes.
  • hides.
  • won’t eat.
  • refuses to go outside or inside.
Or perhaps another behavior not listed here?—feel free to discuss this with Kristina.​

Do you want a trained and obedient dog, but you:

  • feel stressed about the time it will take?
  • don’t have the expertise?
  • feel overwhelmed?
  • just want a kind, patient, and experienced trainer to train your dog for you?
  • want to work with a professional to help you train your dog?

Training with Kristina will give your dog the skills to:

  • sit and wait for an introduction to someone new.
  • eagerly come running when you call.
  • chew only on their toys.
  • potty in appropriate places.
  • walk calmly and happily with their human handler.
  • meet and greet other dogs and humans calmly and appropriately.
  • drop your stuff on cue.

We offer two easy ways to create a harmonious home:

One-On-One Dog Training Alone

Kristina offers twice-a-week sessions where she’ll come to your home and train your dog alone. (You can be at home or not—your choice.) Then a weekly transfer session will show you exactly how to maintain the training.

One-On-One Coaching With Hound and Human

Do you want to be part of the process? Kristina offers one-on-one sessions where she’ll teach you and your dog how to enjoy your time together.  

Either way, you’ll be amazed at the results.

All of our One-on-One Training packages are:

  • Flexible—do you want Kristina to train your dog first then train you? Or would you prefer to be active in the training process?
  • Tailored to fit both your dog’s needs and your family’s needs. Like humans, each hound’s needs are different.
  • Science and evidence-based – no force, pain, or fear – always within your dog’s comfort zone.

All training programs begin with an Initial Consultation that includes:

  • A pre-consultation review of your intake form and history.
  • A one-hour Zoom or in-person meeting where we’ll discuss your current concerns and issues as well as your goals.
  • Recommendations for a training package tailored to fit your needs.

Packages include:

  • Support check-ins between sessions via text, Marco Polo, telephone, or email.
  • Instructions and handouts as desired.
  • Transfer sessions (if Kristina is doing the training for you).

What my clients are saying

"It is obvious that Kristina has a real passion and love of dogs.”

“It is obvious that Kristina has a real passion and love of dogs. She has gotten to know Bella and has built a personal connection with her. Kristina reads Bella well and has tailored the training to fit Bella’s age and personality. Bella adores her and will do anything for her. Kristina has also been very good at training me (a much harder task!)”

— Nancy, Santa Barbara