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Benefits of virtual training.

Benefits of virtual training.

Many people ask, “Is virtual training effective?” Our resounding answer is YES! In fact, many clients find they prefer meeting virtually. Here are some of the benefits of virtual training:

Your dog is more relaxed:

  • Without the excitement of a new person in your home, your trainer sees a real-time snapshot of what you’re experiencing with your dog on a daily basis. This leads to a more precise training plan and faster results.
  • Your confidence in your ability to handle situations that arise with your dog and/or family grows quickly and organically.

Everyone can participate and learn:

  • Your entire family can attend with ease since there’s no need to travel.
  • No need to prepare for a trainer’s visit to your home.
  • All family members gain a better understanding of your individual dog’s needs.

Super easy to set up and use

  • We use Zoom so all you need to do to join our training session is click the link we provide.
  • You can join using any device that has a camera (smart phone, tablet, or a computer).